Early in '14 we were approached by one of our current clients to work alongside him as he started a completely new venture, creating the UK’s first savoury energy bar.

This was his very own passion project, as a keen sportsman, he and his partner were fed up of fuelling themselves with the overtly sweet gels and energy bars currently on the market. After lots of research & experimentation they bit the bullet and created ‘Fori’ – the UK’s first savoury protein bar, which launched online in August '15. We came on board with the project from the get-go, from researching the current market, tasting the very first sample bars, right up to where they are today, where they can be found in Selfridges & Wholefoods.



Art Direction

Graphic Design




Video Production

Logo Creation

 Fori Logo Creation

Packaging design

 Fori Bar Packaging


 Fori Illustration
 Fori Icons
 Fori Illustrations 2
 Fori Contours Illustration

Hand Lettering

 Fori Devour and Conquer
 Fori typeface
 Fori typeface 2


 Fori Packaging
 Fori Stickers


 Fori Social Contest
 Fori Social Illustration


 Fori Beef Bar Photography
 Fori Chicken Ingredients
 Fori Ingredients
 Fori Get Outside Sticker
 Fori Explorer Pack

Video Production

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