For the Hell of it - A film dedicated to pedaling

‘For the Hell of it’ is our latest passion project, which we have spent the last few months working away at.

The film aims to capture the sights and sounds experienced with riding a bike, whether its the vast landscapes you experience or the small intricacies of nature you witness. The idea of pedaling a bike for no other reason than for the hell of it.

If you have any Q’s drop us a comment, we would love to hear from you.
All shots filmed on location in Wales, UK.
Music- Tony Anderson - Ember (Licensed through The Music Bed)


Here we are, after a long wait and skipping a year we finally managed to sit down and edit our latest reel. Our last reel was way back in 2014, and all though this might seem like we have been slacking we promise that is not the case!

We spend a lot of time working on our showreels and always want to create a true reflection of the work we have (and want) to be working on. So here she is, don't blink as you may miss the entire show -


#ThrowbackThursday LEON RESTAURANTS

At the beginning of 2015, we were asked by Eighth Hill to create some playful titles for the fantastic video they had produced for London restaurant chain, Leon. The food looked amazing, healthy & ridiculously tasty. In fact, after working on this project we've been depressed every lunchtime since as they sadly don't have any restaurants anywhere near us. *SOB* Take a look at the final film below-